Residence permit

Residence permit

All foreigners, coming to Ukraine on the basis of visas, may stay in Ukraine during the validity of visa. Short-stay visa (C) and long-term (B) give the right to stay within the territory of Ukraine up to 90 days.

The difference between short-stay (C) and long-stay visa (B) is that a long-stay visa, upon coming to Ukraine, gives the right for registration of documents for residence.

The reasons for temporary stay/residence in Ukraine are: employment; study; preaching of religious beliefs or other canonical activity; performing of cultural, scientific, educational activities on the basis of international treaties with Ukraine, participation in international volunteer programs; presence of the status of founder or participant of a legal entity, size of share of ownership in the authorized capital of a legal entity shall be not less than 100 thousand euros; for family reunification.

In case of arrival to study in Ukraine, the foreigner shall apply to the Migration Service no later than 10 days before the expiration of visa for issue of a certificate for permanent or temporary residence. If you have not filed documents up to 10 days before the expiration of visa, it is necessary for the host party (university, person who issued you an invitation) to contact the Migration Service with you to extend the term of stay in the territory of Ukraine.

To do this, you shall translate passport and certify it at the Notary, prepare 4 photos with size 3.5 to 4.5 cm and pay the state fee and service fee for the provision of administrative services – extension of the period of stay in Ukraine. Having collected the necessary documents, submit them together with the host party (representative of the university) to the Migration Service.

After extension of the period of stay in Ukraine (prolonged for 1 month) you shall collect a package of documents for applying to the Migration Service for the registration of a temporary residence permit.

    For registration of temporary residence permit to the State Migration Service, in addition to the application, you shall fill:

  • A passport document or a document certifying a stateless person (upon presentation is returned), with visa of type D, and Copy of passport pages with personal data and visa;
  • Notarized translation into Ukrainian of a passport document with personal data;
  • Receipts on payment of state fee, administrative fee and service fee for the production of residence permit;
  • Application of the host party (university) for the issuance of a temporary residence permit;
  • Order from the university on enrolment for studies and order on the periods of study;
  • Copy of policy/contract of health insurance;
  • Four photos of a foreigner and stateless persons with size 3.5 x 4.5 centimetres (on matte paper);

You personally submit the abovementioned documents to the Migration Service, and during this procedure, as a rule, you are accompanied by an employee of educational institution, who assists you in processing the documents and communicating with the employees of the Migration Service.

After ten days after the submission of documents, you shall come to the Migration Service for obtaining a temporary residence permit.

The next step after obtaining a temporary residence permit is to register a place of residence at a certain address, this is the address of dormitory or rented accommodation.

Registration of a place of residence consists of placing a stamp on a temporary residence permit, stating your address.

If you live in a rented accommodation, the owner of accommodation will help you to register the place of residence. If you live in a dormitory, you shall apply to the Dean’s office at the university and submit a residence permit, an order for residence in a dormitory and a receipt for payment of state fee for registration of the place of residence.

If within one month from the date of receipt of your residence permit you do not register your place of residence, the Migration Service will bring you to administrative liability and you will be forced to pay a fine.

    Right to immigration and permanent residence permit within the territory of Ukraine shall have:

  • Scientists and artists, highly skilled specialists and workers, the acute need in whom is tangible for the economy;
  • Persons who have made a foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine in the amount of not less than 100 thousand U.S. dollars;
  • Persons who are blood brothers or sisters, grandparents, grandchildren or grandchildren of Ukrainian citizens;
  • Parents, husband (wife) of immigrant and their underage children;
  • Persons who have been residing continuously on the territory of Ukraine for 3 years from the date of establishing the status of a person who has suffered from trafficking in persons;
  • Persons who have served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for three years or more.
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