About the company

The activity on the recruitment of foreign students is carried out by a private company named Private Enterprise “NRV Enterprise”. The activity on the recruitment of persons for studying is based on contractual relations between the company and the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Center for International Education” of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and a number of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

Therefore, Private Enterprise “NRV Enterprise” is an authorized legal entity of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, a number of higher educational institutions of Ukraine for presentation, popularization of higher education abroad and invitation of young people for studying in Ukraine.

Our activity is aimed at assisting you in choosing a specialty, an educational institution that will meet your needs and requirements. After that, we establish contacts with your chosen educational institution, provide it with your educational and identity documents, for consideration by the university and making decision on the issuance of an invitation to study, which we further send to you by post.

After receiving an invitation to study, you have the right to apply to the Embassy of Ukraine for a visa. We will provide complete information on the list of documents required to be filed to the embassy and the correctness of their completion.

We have established links with our foreign partners in the countries of Africa and Asia, who will assist you in the process of obtaining visa if necessary.

After receiving a visa, we are waiting for you in Ukraine. We provide a meeting at the airport and arriving at the university.

The next step is passing an entrance examination at the university. Prior to the exam, we will provide comprehensive assistance in preparing for the exam. After that you will not have any difficulty in passing it. We guarantee you successful passing of the exam and admission with no problem to the number of students of the educational institution, chosen by you.

Finally, you are a student. Even then we do not leave you. We will provide support for paying all necessary tuition fees, accommodation in a hostel or assistance in finding private accommodation for rent.

As stipulated by law, you will undergo necessary medical examinations and receive a health insurance policy.

One of the final stages is submission of a package of documents to the Migration Service to obtain a temporary residence document.

Subsequently, as required by Ukrainian law, every foreigner who has arrived to study in Ukraine must undergo recognition of his/her educational documents. This is quite continuous procedure, but we will also help you and provide all the advice for successful completion of the procedure of recognizing the documents and obtaining relevant certificate without which the Ukrainian educational institutions will not be able to pass any degree, you received in Ukraine.

Being immersed in student and everyday life in Ukraine, we still do not refuse from you and are always ready to help you in everything.

During and after your studies you have the right to work, so please contact us and we will describe the peculiarities of work for foreigners in Ukraine and provide qualified assistance when completing the necessary documents.

In addition, one of the company’s activities is provision of the legal services, therefore, we will always be glad to provide you with qualitative and qualified legal assistance.


  • Consulting on the peculiarities of an educational process in Ukraine.
  • Assistance in choosing future specialty and the University.
  • Receiving invitation for study.
  • Information on receiving visa and providing visa services at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
  • Meeting at the airport and accompanying to the location of your University.
  • Preparing and guaranteeing successful passing the enrolment examinations at the chosen education establishment.
  • Accommodation and assistance in payment of all necessary payments, concerning study and residence.
  • Providing with insurance agreements, presence of which is obligatory for residence in Ukraine.
  • Migration process and receiving document on temporary residence in Ukraine.
  • Passing obligatory procedure of legalisation (procedure of recognition) the documents on high, professional education, grades of higher education and scientific grades, received at the educational establishments of foreign states in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” and the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine nr. 504 of 05.05.2015 (should be started during the first month after coming to Ukraine).
  • Legalisation (putting Apostil) of the education documents, received in Ukraine.
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